Reference Check

What is it?

Reference Checks help gather information about a candidate’s work capabilities by speaking with individuals who can attest to your candidate’s skills, qualifications and abilities. References your candidate has provided will be contacted to answer specific questions about his or her background to help you understand the type of employee your candidate has been in the past and if s/he might be qualified for the position you are hiring for.

Why use the Reference Check?

Conducting reference checks can be a very important step in the selection process to help confirm the positive results of other background searches. Since past achievements can often be good indicators of future performance, reference checks give you an overview from previous supervisors, teachers or even co-workers in order to determine if the applicant being considered is suited for the role.

Checking a candidate’s references also helps ensure that you have identified the most qualified person who is a good match for the position. The employment reference check reveals a potential employee’s strengths, weaknesses and ability to perform the job. Using this check can help determine if a candidate has the right work ethic, skill set and experience for the position.

What sources does BackgroundDirect® use?

BackgroundDirect® contacts references provided by your candidate and can include current and past employers, professors, teachers, customers, clients, vendors and colleagues to get their opinions on the candidate’s employability and work-related qualities.

Which packages include the Reference Check?

The Reference Check can be selected as an add-on to any BackgroundDirect® package. Combined with other included background searches, the Reference Check helps authenticate a candidate’s resume and determine if the job applicant possesses the necessary qualifications..

Why us?

Our team of experts works to provide employers with accurate information about their candidates. First Advantage has helped clients worldwide qualify long-lasting talent for their businesses by supplying them with vital information to make a more informed hiring decision.

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