Education Verification

What is it?

Education and degree verification checks a candidate’s school enrollment or attendance dates, course major or field of study where available, degree attained and date the degree was awarded. Select multiple education background checks to review high school, college and graduate degrees.

Why use the Education and Degree Verification?

Whether it’s a diploma mill issuing fraudulent diplomas in the name of an authentic university or a degree mill that issues diplomas from unaccredited institutions, one 2014 study* found that 58% of hiring managers said they have found a lie on a candidate’s resume, and 33% found a fraudulent academic degree.

Besides the potential damage to your reputation, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)** also warns that the cost of a fake degree to your business can be high. Your business, customers and even other employees could be at risk by hiring someone who lacks the true skills, knowledge or training that you need – especially if it’s a specific background you require for the position.

Know who you hire. Confirm your candidate’s credentials with one – or multiple - education background checks.

What sources does BackgroundDirect® use?

BackgroundDirect® directly contacts any institution of higher learning worldwide including schools, colleges and/or universities to confirm a candidate’s education history. Specify multiple degrees, schools, universities or other academic institutions to gain a comprehensive view of your candidate’s stated educational or training background.

Which packages include the Education and Degree Verification?

One education verification for the degree or school of your choice is included with the Premium Package (PR), or can be added to the Drivers (MV), Choice (CH) or Plus (PL) Packages. By verifying a candidate’s education history in addition to the other background checks in our packages, you can make a more informed hiring decision.

Why us?

As the largest background screening provided in the world, First Advantage has one of the highest education verification rates in the industry. We only work with approved, national partners who guarantee the validity of their sources and through our strategic approach to verification fulfillment can frequently return fast, accurate results.

Have questions? Want to get started today?

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