There's a lot of new lingo throughout the site that you might not know, so we have defined it for you

  • A Summary of Your Rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act aka Summary of Rights

    Established by the FTC, this document must be attached to a background report being provided to a candidate/employee.

  • Authorization

    The candidate must provide written permission for you to be able to conduct your background screening.

  • Background Check also known as a Background Investigation or Background Screen

    Can refer to one item of information, e.g. the education background check or it can refer to all of the checks you are running backgrounds on as a whole.

  • Background Screening Company also known as a Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA)

    That's us, BackgroundDirect® powered by First Advantage.

  • Candidate or Consumer

    The person who is the subject of the background search seeking employment, retention or promotion by the employer (you).

  • Consumer Report aka Investigative Consumer Report

    Under the FCRA, the official name for a background report. The distinction between the two types of reports is that the investigative consumer report might contain opinions, such as the opinion of an old employer pertaining to job performance.

  • Disclosure

    This is where you inform and document a candidate/employee that they will be the subject of a background report.

  • FCRA also known as the Fair Credit Reporting Act

    The primary federal law that dictates the preparation, dissemination, and use of background reports for employment purposes.

  • FTC also known as the Federal Trade Commission

    They are the government agency responsible for the administration of the FCRA.

    Notice to Users of Consumer Reports - Obligations of Users under the FCRA:

    Prepared by the FTC, this document must be provided by the background screening company (Employment Advantage) to employers (You) before background screening is provided to the employer. This document was last released 11/19/04.

    Remedying the Effects of Identity Theft:

    Prepared by the FTC, this document must be given to any candidates/employees who believe they are victims of identity theft. This document was last released on 11/19/04.

  • User Certification

    A requirement under the FCRA. A document provided by the screening company (Employment Advantage) which must be signed by the employer (you) before the screening company will provide background reports to the employer.