Keeping Screening easy


As one of the largest screening providers in the world, First Advantage has offices in 25 locations worldwide, and we're well known for our expertise in global data usage.

Finding and retaining individuals every day can be made a little easier with First Advantage. Our winning combination of searches and services provide valuable insight to reduce your risk while also dramatically improving the quality of your talent. For these reasons, First Advantage has become a trusted partner to over 45,000 organizations worldwide – we deliver the results you need to propel faster, more informed decisions.


We work for your success, each and every day

Our team of experts understands the requirements of your local market and culture, with a unique global technology platform that is useful across all of your locations and scalable for your needs to bring you answers faster. Many of our employees have worked in the screening industry for over 25 years and have held leading positions with the National Association of Strategic Background Screeners and the Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association.

...partnering with First Advantage, who is clearly on the leading edge of innovation–we’re sitting at the table, having dialogue, giving feedback and having a say in what these tools will look like–for us has been very important...

...it also has been particularly pleasing to discover that First Advantage continues to put as much effort into customer service as it does into its products. They understand and respond quickly to the needs of our complex, international organization, often anticipating and alerting us to issues before they're on our radar...
--Kelly Services


Offering the only advanced single-sign-on, multilingual solution

We have the only single, automated, scalable and configurable screening platform that works across all of our programs, no matter where you are in the world. This state-of-art product carefully packages your data in a way that is legally complaint for your location, highlighting what you need to know to take action.

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First Advantage is a portfolio company of the Symphony Technology Group

12 Global Companies

$2.5 Billion in Revenue

Thousands of Employees

Symphony Technology Group (STG) is a strategic private equity firm with the mission of investing in and being a partner in building great software and services companies. In addition to capital, STG provides transformation expertise to enable its portfolio companies to deliver more value to clients to retain and attract the best talent and to achieve best-in-class business performance. All STG portfolio companies are expected to grow through innovation. STG’s current portfolio consists of 12 global companies with combined revenue of approximately $2.5 billion and thousands of employees spread across North America, Europe and Asia.