WHY BackgroundDirect®

Screening a candidate as a potential new employee is an essential part of your comprehensive hiring process. By evaluating your candidate's credentials, you are taking an important step towards protecting your business interests, trade secrets, brand and reputation and ensuring the reliability of your workforce.

In addition, industry research overwhelming demonstrates that hiring managers who conduct background checks have much better results than those who don’t:

  • kept their talent for at least a yearwho did not typically screen candidates
  • of Employers who didn't screen LOST negligent hiring cases
  • found better candidateswho did not always check backgrounds
  • of applicants have lied on their resume or job application
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  • 2. “Negligent hiring: How to reduce your chances of hiring a claim”, Zurich American Insurance Company, 2010
  • 3. Survey, Accu-Screen, Inc., ADP, The Society of Human Resource Managers, July 16, 2012


How does BackgroundDirect® Fit in?

First Advantage specializes in employment screening across the globe, providing services to a wide array of industries with diverse business requirements.

It’s important to understand your candidate and our winning combination of searches and services provides insights to reduce your risk while dramatically improving the quality of your talent.

Your business is making an important investment in both money and time when choosing to hire an individual. Screening your candidate can help mitigate risk associated with poor hiring decisions.

Take the Scary Out of Background Checks

The FCRA necessitates that businesses can only conduct background checks if there is a permissible purpose such as hiring, firing, reassigning, or promoting an employee. The FCRA also dictates a strictly regulated screening process, but we’re here to help:

You must obtain candidate’s permission in order to run a background check. You can find a sample form to review with qualified legal counsel here.

We must validate that your company is legitimate and in good standing. We handle the heavy lifting, but we will likely require additional documentation from you in order to complete our process.

We are obligated to maintain reasonable procedures to assure maximum possible accuracy and we work hard to ensure information you receive is compliant and reliable.

You make a hiring decision based on information received from a resume, interview, etc.  By completing a background screen with BackgroundDirect®, you can be confident that you’re getting a more comprehensive review of a candidate’s credentials to assist with a more informed hiring decision

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